About Me

Come to share teaching experience/knowledge and to promote tourism attractions of  my region (East Lombok)

Born on December 15, 1972. Live in Pelambik Jerowaru. Graduated from University of Mataram in 1996. Work as an English Teacher of a SMA in East Lombok regency. Hobby in traveling.

Working Experiences: SMAN 1 Janaparia 1997-2002, SMKN 1 (Tourism Field) Praya (2002-2007 also was a Manager of Cantrika Hotel, SMAN 1 Keruak (2007-2Lalu Sukirman, S.Pd009), SMAN 1 Jerowaru (2009-now),  free-lance guide, chief-redactor of  “Iqro Bulletin”

Career experiences: The Chief of Hotel Accommodation program, The Vice School Principle on Students field, The Vice School Principle on Curriculum.

Organization Experiences: A member of HPI NTB, Director of WP3LS, a secretary of English Teachers Forum.

Life Philosophy: “A person’s true wealth is the good deeds that he does in this world.”


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