Contoh Motion

¨  That we would give tax holiday for large-scale industries
¨  That this house regrets the cutting of the subsidy
¨  That this house would increase the tax
¨  That we should stop privatizing the state companies
¨  That small economic business scales should get easier bank loan procedures from both government and private banks.
¨  That central government should tightly control the finance of the local governments.
¨  That the economic measurement to judge the economic growths of the country is the only way to know the country’s prosperity.
¨  This house believes that the government is not pro the poor
¨  That we would make military service compulsory for citizen
¨  That top government executives should not have executive position in any political parties
¨  This house would give self-rule to GAM
¨  That politicians should only be allowed to serve in office for a limited period of time
¨  That government should not restrict freedom of speech
¨  That national security concerns justify the restriction of civil liberties
¨  This house supports General Election in Iraq
¨  That feminism has gone too far
¨  That the press violates public figures privacy
¨  That we should give no room for polygamy
¨  That Malaysia should be a model in dealing with gambling
¨  This house disapprove cloning
¨  This house would ban surrogate motherhood
¨  That this house would not use National Examination for graduation standard
¨  That we should stop commercialization in education
¨  That education is the responsibility of the government
¨  That this house would apply credit system in schools
¨  That high quality education gives no room for gratis education
¨  This house give no room for gratis education
¨  That religious lesson should not be taught in school
¨  That reality shows bring more harm
¨  That we should control the press
¨  That we should control access to the internet
¨  This house would put ban on teenage films
¨  That TV commercial exploit children
¨  That tourism exploits our nature
¨  That forestation would be utopia
¨  That nuclear is the solution for our energy problem
¨  That we would give trade sanction to protect our environment
¨  This house believes that severe punishment diminishes illegal logging
¨  That this house would run national lotteries for developing sports
¨  That cigarette advertisements must be banned from sport events
¨  This house believes that equal prize money should be given to woman athletes
¨  The government should give pension to athletes
¨  That we should give severe punishment to sport club upon racism done by supporters.
¨  That professionalism has ruined the Olympic Games
¨  That this house supports the death penalty for corruptors
¨  That we should ban the possession of fire weapons to civilians
¨  That this house believes death penalty is a step ahead
¨  This house supports the use of death penalty
¨  This house would make an independent body to control constitutional court
¨  That gambling of all forms should be made illegal
¨  That we should stop sending immigrant labors
¨  That we should let children work
¨  That we should use HIV Testing Result as a requirement for a job recruitment
¨  That this house support special treatment for woman
¨  That this house would give equal opportunity to transsexual workers

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