Basically the marriage happens in East  Lombok is just the same as other parts of Lombok.   Marriage   was preceded by kidnapping the bride by the bride of a man. Of course, with the agreement and approval by the bride itself. Indigenous tribes are by sasak called “Mararik”. Bride who had been abducted, stayed for a few days at home or the bride family man. Here are the next procedures:

Parties to the bridegroom’s family sent some local community leaders or traditional leaders to report to the head of the village or hamlet head to announce the marriage of the identity of the prospective groom and then report to the family of the prospective bride.

Announce the bride’s family who were followed by talks customs and traditions include “aji Krama” which consists of the value of 33-66-100 with currency valuation basis “Kepeng Bolong ” or “kepeng jamaq”, even sometimes the show this selabar coupled with the demand for carers as well.

Taking Wali (Bait Wali)
Taking the guardian of the woman, can directly when selabar or a few days after the execution selabar. It all depends on the agreement of both parties. “Wali” is mean a marriage witness

Taking Appointments
Talking about “sliding the hand over and aji manners” in accordance with the customs prevailing in the village or villages of origin prospective bride.

Sorong Serah
The core implementation of the “Sorong serah” is the official announcement of the wedding of a man with a woman and it should no longer talking about matters relating to customs. simply is the event contract illegitimate!

Usually, the next or a few days after the marriage ceremony, or even on the same day, the family man accompanied the bride and groom came to visit the family of women who are accompanied by relatives and extended family, neighbors and friends of the bride by using traditional clothes or accompanied by gamelan “Beleq Gendang / drum major. ” in a long line procession, which was so crowded and resembles a carnival.

Reverse Lampak (Bales Lampak Nae)
It is tradition at the end of the traditional marriage ceremony Sasak in Lombok. Both the bride with parents the man would visit specifically to the woman’s parents’ house and in the end,  all peoples pray … The bride will live happily ever after.


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